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A recent Quantum Hypnosis client wanted to know why she had been feeling a strange impulse lately to verbalize an odd sounding language she had never heard before. Not as rare as one may think, Quantum Healers encounter cases of so called "light language" on occasion. Once the client was under hypnosis, her Higher Self was kind enough to provide a sample for the recording (check attached audio) and explained: "They are downloads of information being transmitted through her in order to assist the species' shift of consciousness. It's part of her mission in this life. She has been doing it for a long time unconsciously, and now the time has come for her to speak it out loud. We want her to know she is in contact with us and not alone in this. On one level she understands the language but her human brain is blocking interpretation. Even though it is not of Earth origin, there is a part that understands it in all humans. Anyone could tune into those transmissions and receive them but only some people do."

What's your story?

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