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On this Soul Journey, the client was shown the time before he incarnated on Earth. He was on a space ship that was part of a big fleet operated by beings he described as large, blue, feathered and bird-like (see picture below). Their destination: a very special planet in a solar system that was about to shift into a higher energetic level. It's name: Earth. Their (and many other species') mission was to observe that shift and assist the natives - humanity - during the dramatic process. He saw the planet being surrounded by a vast amount of invisible ships who had come from all over the Universe in order to witness and help. He and a group from his fleet decided to work "in the field" by incarnating as humans and helping those who are asleep to "wake up" and raise their frequency together with Gaia, the planet.

Many tears of joy and relief were flowing when his Higher Self explained which of his friends and acquaintances were actually members of that original team. "It is their mission to neutralize people's fear in the upcoming upheaval that will take place on Earth. Life will change drastically for everyone, and there must be those who remain calm and hold the light for those who will be afraid. That is what he came for and that is why he is here today. It's time for him to know. It's time to remember."

What's your story?

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