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On this recent Soul Journey, the client experienced not just a human incarnation as a knight on Earth but also a life on another planet which was covered with forests, plants and colorful giant flowers. He was surprised to see himself as one of many blue beings with purple spots all over their slight bodies and three fingers and thumbs on each hand and foot. After realizing he was telepathically connected to the nature around him and to the others of his kind, he started crying of love and joy as soon as he felt that oneness. He was home.

One day the planet got visited by another alien species, and he was asked to go with them to a planet called "Earth" which needed his specific skill. He agreed, and once they arrived something incredible happened: He left his body on the spaceship and stretched his energy all over the planet, connecting humans to the surrounding nature. "It's subtle but it makes many people change their attitude without them knowing why. There are others doing a similar job, but this is a specific gift I have, and so I am trying to help that way."

Needless to say, he also decided to incarnate into human form. From childhood on he had always felt a strong sense of being "out of place". It was time for him to know why. It was time to remember ...

What's your story?

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