What is a Soul Journey?

A SOUL JOURNEY is our own, highly flexible, and well-tried version of Quantum Hypnosis in resonance with the concept of Beyond Quantum Healing (BQH).

All our modalities allow clients to explore their other lifetimes and establish contact with their Super-conscious/Higher Self/Inner Self. A SOUL JOURNEY allows the integration of the practitioner's special abilities and tools to adjust the process to the client's individual needs. 

This allows greater room for maneuver during the hypnosis part itself. 

The concept of a SOUL JOURNEY is based on the latest research in meta- and quantum physics and integrates essential spiritual concepts such as the alchemistic focusing of intention, the energetic potential of water and the client's entire "team" (Higher Self/SC plus Spirit Guide, Ascended Master, Angel et al.).

One could see a SOUL JOURNEY as "Quantum Hypnosis 2.0".


Another difference is that a SOUL JOURNEY can be performed not only live and on-site but also online over long distances. Our QHHT® sessions are held live and on-site only. Clients who are not able to travel to a local meeting due to financial, organizational or health reasons do not have to pass on their Quantum Hypnosis experience thanks to the freedom of a SOUL JOURNEY.

We are proud to be able to provide this personally developed modality to our clients.

Let's take a big step into the future of Quantum Hypnosis together!

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The Soul Journeys

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