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This extraordinarily sweet woman had lost her mother in a car accident when she was just 3 years old and experienced strong emotional abuse while living with her cold-hearted father. A long journey filled with rejection, deprecation and self-doubt brought her to the point where she was finally ready to look inside for answers. A dear friend recommended Quantum Healing, and so she booked a session.

First, her Higher Self showed her an existence as pure consciousness drifting blissfully through an ocean and feeling connected to everything. We learned that she had jumped head first from that existence into her present human life - without much of a plan. She just explained "A human life! Everyone's doing that now! I want to know what it's like."

As it turned out, part of the human experience is the illusion of feeling separate from everything else. So her mother decided to depart early on in order to set the stage for the daughter to learn how that feels. It was a decision based on love and support in the grander scheme of things, as that intense experience would not have been possible otherwise. Her father was subconsciously aware of his beloved's decision and from then on despised his daughter as he saw her as the reason for his loss.

This invaluable background information allowed the client to generate immense compassion for the mother who had not "just left" her, for the father who had not "just hated" her, and for herself who had ventured through darkness for a reason. Many tears were flowing and after she came out of trance, I got to see the biggest smile ever: The lesson was learned.

What's your story?

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