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On this Soul Journey, the female client was shown a life as an older real-estate agent in 1920s Germany. He took a trip to another city in order to buy property from the owner of a bicycle shop. The younger man politely declined, but they liked each other and so the two men spent some time chatting while watching the owner's children play in front of the shop.

The client's Higher Self eventually revealed that the shop owner was actually her present personality's great-grandfather who she never got to meet because he had died before she was born. They explained that she had indeed met him in her former life as the real-estate agent. Not only that, she had actually watched her own grandmother play as a child in front of the shop. "We wanted her to know that she has roots. She has ancestors. That is important. She sometimes ignores it, but roots are necessary for growth and development."

The lost and forgotten magic of human existence that this beautiful work is uncovering will never cease to amaze me.

What's your story?

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