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On this Soul Journey, the client was shown her life as a Pterosaur, a flying reptile, in prehistoric time. As such she was part of a family group of elders, adults, and offspring all living together on a giant tree overseeing the tropical and misty forests. One day a massive wildfire erupted, burning down the tree, and killing those of the family that could either not fly yet or not anymore. She could have escaped, but she considered herself a guardian to the small ones and hence chose to stay with them until the end... Many emotions were released during that profound experience.

Her Higher Self later explained: "We showed her that lifetime because that was when she had learned that everything follows a divine plan. Back then, she was guided by instinct. Her consciousness was able to accept that everything is taking place in divine order. She had fulfilled her purpose as best as she had been able to. It is important for her now to remember that. That there are limits. You do what you can, and when you have reached your limit, you must learn to let go. That is the lesson here."

What's your story?

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