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In a recent Quantum Healing session, I had the privilege and great pleasure of talking to Gaia (G), the consciousness of Earth. She had much information to give and announced she will come through other clients in the future to give even more. The following is a snippet of her introduction, so to speak. Enjoy and be blessed <3 [...] G: You like to turn to the creative power that created heaven and earth. But it is also good to turn directly to me. For I am the power that creates matter. I am not the impulse that starts what is to be formed. That comes from Source. But I am the power that then forms it. I am not much noticed yet. So far you have looked in other directions. But I am emerging now with the feminine power that gives form and life. I am unique in all these Universes.

M: What makes you unique?

G: This forming power that is in me. I give form and then freedom as it develops and reveals itself. I offer the possibility of difference. I am a single being, connected with All-That-Is, and yet I allow for complete diversity. I give birth to many and all. I do not judge, and I allow all these variations. Everything may be. This is my gift to the All-One: diversity. In the All-One everything is the same. In me, diversity and polarity are born.

M: How do you see the current state of human development?

G: There are some who are beginning to become conscious. There are also some who care about my welfare. But there are very few who recognize my being. I am beginning to be perceived as an organism that needs to be protected. That is worth a lot. But I am much more than that. I am a living and fully conscious being. An existing, birthing, living being. I may appear to you as a big planet. Distances are very far for you. That is why you cannot imagine that something so big is one consciousness, one being. But I am.

M: What can we do to strengthen our awareness and intensify our connection to you?

G: You can address me as a living being. You can communicate directly with me. I will hear it. Always. I am you. You are made of me. [...]

To be continued ...

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