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#Gaia, the #Earth#consciousness (=G) speaking through a #QHHT client. [...]

M: So, you've seen all the civilizations that have risen and fallen on this planet, like #Lemuria and #Atlantis?

G: Yes, they were far in their consciousness, but not in diversity. You say they have perished, but they are present in the energy field. They exist. They are floating.

M: Is there something that distinguishes our current attempt from these previous ones?

G: Yes. Maturity. And: Diversity has already been tried out now. It had not been tried before. That point is reached.

M: What else makes the current attempt so special?

G: Consciousness. It is always about consciousness. I am the shaping force, but spirit determines what will be. #Spirit is full consciousness. It has not always been possible for it to express itself here. There have been ups and downs. The time now is about an opening, a memory, an awakening of consciousness. Becoming aware of me is part of it, too. It begins with those humans who become aware of themselves, and by doing that they contribute to my own recognition. EVERYTHING that exists helps humans to recognize themselves. This is a very important project!

M: What is the essence of this project?

G: #Love. But one that has movement. #Source is love, but there is no movement there. There's no going forth, back, or towards, because there's no other. There is only the All-One. The moment you have experienced that you can also hate, you can discern. You can reject something. The All-One can't do that. It is not possible. From this experience of rejection then arises the need to turn back to love, and THAT is love in motion. THEN, love is fulfilled in flow and in experience. Before that, there was no experience.

M: Where are we on this path as a collective species?

G: The challenge for each individual is now to turn back to love. Diversity has now been reached. The opening and awareness have a different quality now. To decide for love when one has experienced what it is like when it is not there, is what it is about. To decide for love when circumstances are not favoring it at all. THESE are the important decisions. [...]

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