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This male client in his mid 50s had been suffering from serious arthrosis in both hips which had him bound to using crutches. He was scheduled for double hip replacement surgery but felt he wanted to try out alternative healing methods before giving himself to conventional medicine's last resort.

In his Quantum Healing session, he was shown several traumatic scenes from his childhood before we connected to his Higher Self to ask his questions and find out about his symptoms. They explained how the arthrosis was connected to emotional abuse by family members in his childhood and that he was still "stuck in anger" about this. Tears were flowing as the pent-up emotions got released and the Higher Self agreed to work on the hips: "We are flushing the joints and removing the inflammation. This will take some time. We will be working the next seven nights on this. But he needs to work through his emotions and learn to forgive. He must keep moving!" Five days later, my doorbell rang. It was the client, without crutches, looking very happy and 10 years younger. "You are not going to believe it!", he said. "I just came from a pre-check at the clinic. The surgery got canceled. 70% of the arthrosis has disappeared! The doctors can't explain it." We hugged joyfully and I watched him skipping down the staircase like a young boy. 

What's your story?

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