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On this Soul Journey, the client's Higher Self explained the background to a heart attack this lovely man in his mid-40s had experienced a year ago: "He has an important mission to fulfill in this incarnation. He has much work to do and he was simply wasting too much time in fear. So we sent him a wake-up call. It was hard but necessary. It was very loving, though, and he knew that. When he woke up he was very thankful because it was a rebooting." They went on to explain that they had "pulled the plug". They said: "He was never in real danger, though. That's why he didn't have a near-death-experience. We wanted him to know that. So we just left him in the dark for a while and then he woke up. He had a dream but not the tunnel and the relatives and the light and all of that. There is much to be done and we want him to get going."

What's your story?

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