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Today's Quantum Healing session led the client into an incarnation as a young and strong Inca warrior whose duty it was to protect his tribe's village and sacred site. He was part of a big family that he loved immensely, and the whole tribe enjoyed a very close sense of community. One day, a group of Spanish conquistadors surprised him at the outskirts of the village. All by himself, carrying just a wooden spear and facing twenty armored soldiers, he did not stand a chance. They threw him off a cliff, where a couple of days later he died of his injuries, filled with immense sadness and guilt because he had not been able to warn his tribe and family of the approaching danger.

Her Higher Self explained that the strong feeling of guilt was reactivated in her present life when a close relationship had ended. They let her know that the karmic contract between her and the other person had simply been completed and both souls decided to go their own way. Knowing the origin of the trauma and realizing that there was nothing she could have done in

either life, she was finally able to feel compassion and forgiveness for herself. Under tears, she released herself from the guilt and was able to remove the blockage that had manifested into health problems in her liver, teeth, thyroid and intestines. <3

Interesting side note: Her Higher Self also revealed that the encounter with the militant Spanish missionaries was the reason for her intense negative feeling towards the Catholic Church in the present life.

What's your story?

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