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On this Soul Journey, the client was shown a life as a tall brown mantis-being on a completely brown clay planet. They lived in termite-like hills leading to large underground quarters, and communicated telepathically with each other. (Completely free of emotions, but the one that "spoke" would start to glow.) When their food source on the planet came to an end, the species decided to move on to another location, but he decided to stay behind by himself. Slowly but steadily, over eons, he turned into an immovable clay statue until he decided to leave the body.

His Higher Self later explained they showed him that life to help him appreciate the abundance of emotions and love available on Earth, surrounding us all the time. Also, to let go of behavior patterns that had been blocking his development and potential. Interestingly, his arthrosis in hip and shoulder were exactly the parts of the mantis that turned into rock-hard clay first... <3

What's your story?

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