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This #quantumhealing client had a #pastlife as a contemporary of #jesus, meeting him and a female teacher for a short but profound moment. After the #superconsciousness (SC) was called in, we received more information about her. [...]

SC: Much of humanity's path contains only half the truth. Jesus was able to mediate one half, but he could have never mediated the other, the female side. Together, both create the whole. Without the female revelations, humanity cannot succeed.

M: Who or what embodied this complementary part?

SC: Definitely a woman-born human being. That is our most important statement. Jesus is a man-born human being. Both were born of the light. The name that is known - and not everything that is known is true! -, but the name that can be used is #marymagdalene. To recognize her true role is only possible in this present day and age, and it carries incredible healing, down to the deepest levels. Also, it corrects this idea of Jesus' uniqueness. The fact is that they are two. The #feminine serves as an incomprehensible extension, an opening of the #heart, a softness, a liveliness that cannot be found in the part of Jesus. Something else is to be found in him, but what is in her is not in him and vice versa. For this reason, they are two. Together, they are whole.

M: It is said there was also a group of female #disciples who saw their leader in Mary Magdalene, but that knowledge was erased from the official canon. Can you comment on that?

SC: Everything had to be hidden. Society was not ready at the time. Mary Magdalene would have received severe punishment if she had stepped forward just one bit. But the time has come. That female energy is what #gaia and #humanity need. It is not more beneficial than the male part, but because it has been in the background all this time it is now needed more. It carries something that humanity has not yet been able to experience: a form of #love that is wider and more blooming, that can #transcend everything. It brings an #awakening, a remembering, support, and trust. Even if only a few notice it, the light is already there.


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