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This lovely client hailed from Switzerland in order to experience her personal Soul Journey. From childhood on, she had been suffering from a number of physical conditions, which were all explained by her Higher Self:

CONSTIPATION: "As a young girl, she was indoctrinated by her parents with the harmful belief-system that other people's approval of her action is important. She swallowed that down and hasn't been able to let go of it yet."

MIGRAINE: "There is an overload of worries, thoughts, and stress in her brain. It's like a computer whose system is crashing. She needs to trust in her

abilities and believe that she can accomplish what she came here for." CHRONIC TONSILLITIS: "Because of her parents' belief-system, she has not been able to express her true Self and speak her own mind. That inflamed her throat and took her voice away." The Higher Self agreed to clear all her issues. Tears were flowing and old blockages were released. "Energetically, she is healed. We removed the programming from the body's cells. She needs to change her thought patterns now in order to do her part. We are glad she is not seeing doctors about these issues. That would be very dis-empowering to her. True healing takes place emotionally and then translates into the physical level." <3

What's your story?

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